We provide Physical Rehabilitation services

In addition to providing traditional chiropractic adjustments our Doctors of Chiropractic are Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioners and NASM Corrective Exercise Specialists.

A Chiropractic Sports Practitioner or a CCSP® is the initial certification in sports related care for chiropractic.  We’re often asked by patients what is a CCSP®? This certification gives chiropractors specialized knowledge of sports injuries, in turn helping athletes to optimize their athletic performance. Overall, a CCSP® has a well developed and advanced understanding of neurological and musculoskeletal function and musculoskeletal function.  Additionally, they possess a greater understanding of how it affects performance when tissue has been overly stressed or injured.

A Corrective Exercise Specialist or CES is an expert in human movement assessment. They accurately analyze a client's movement patterns, identify overactive and under active muscle groups and compensations. A corrective exercise specialist works to correct muscle imbalances to improve performance.


Our Physical Rehab Services Include

Having expertise in these areas enables Koukles Chiropractic to offer a comprehensive treatment plan incorporating Physical rehab therapies along with traditional chiropractic care.

Some of our therapies include:

Spinal Decompression

Corrective Exercise

Resistant Band Training

Normatec Recovery System

Core Development and Strengthening

And More