If you have been involved in an automobile accident or any type of vehicle collision, you may very well be experiencing back or neck pain. There are many musculoskeletal injuries that occur due to the impact involved in a car accident; some of them may go unnoticed for days after but can result in long-term chronic pain if not addressed quickly and correctly.

Common auto injuries

There are many common injuries that can result from an auto accident leaving the injured person (s) with back and neck pain and loss of mobility. Some of the common injuries are:



Whiplash is trauma that occurs when a sudden jolting movement of the head is sustained backward, forward, or to the side. This is often a result of rear end collisions and can leave the injured with soft tissue tears and injuries that will result in neck and back pain.


Herniated or bulging disc

Another common cause of back pain after an auto accident is problems with your intervertebral discs. These are the soft, spongy cushions between the bones of your spine that absorb impacts and enable you to bend and twist. The impact from a car accident can cause a disc to slip out of its normal position, resulting in intense pain and limited mobility to the injured.


Muscle, ligament, and nerve pain

The back and neck are full of muscles, ligaments, and nerves. In the event of an auto accident the impact from the force of the collision can cause damage to the muscles, ligaments, and nerves causing you to experience varying degrees of pain.


Chiropractic treatment for auto injuries

Chiropractic treatment plays a key role in treating patients suffering from auto related injuries. Whether it is a spinal injury or whiplash, chiropractic adjustments have been proven to relieve pressure off the muscles and nerves and bring alignment back to the spine. Additional therapies provided in office such as massage, corrective exercise and spinal decompression all help in restoring mobility and will speed up your path back to recovery.